Posts tagged 'python'

Michael Bukachi

Maintaining states while using Pytest

Maintaining states while using pytest

Roger Taracha

Introduction to Web Scraping using Selenium

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to scrape websites with Selenium and ChromeDriver.

Paul Upendo

Python parametrized unit testing with Pytest

Create pythonic parametrized tests with pytest

Mbithe Nzomo

Lessons in DRYness - Decorators in Python

What decorators are and how to use them for DRYer code

Joannah Nanjekye

Faster python programs with pypy by Joannah Nanjekye

A summary of the presentation on pypy Joannah Nanjekye gave.

Kenny Rachuonyo

Quicksort in python

A brief demo of quicksort in python

Chris Orwa

Tracking Vehicles on Access Kenya Cameras

Description of a python API I built to track vehicular movement on Access Kenya cameras

Brian Suda

Data Vizualization by Brian Suda

A round up and links from the presentation Brian Suda gave about data vizualizations