Posts in 'misc'

John Nduli

Pagination Review of Django's and Pelican's Implementation

I discuss how pagination is implemented in both pelican and django, and how this implementation can generally be used

Bonface K. Munyoki

Implementing Lisp pairs in Python 3.6.1

I discuss how to implement Scheme's basic pair data structure in Python for fun using Message Passing [Scheme is a Lisp dialect]

Mbithe Nzomo

Lessons in DRYness - Decorators in Python

What decorators are and how to use them for DRYer code

Joannah Nanjekye

Faster python programs with pypy by Joannah Nanjekye

A summary of the presentation on pypy Joannah Nanjekye gave.

Kenny Rachuonyo

Quicksort in python

A brief demo of quicksort in python

Chris Orwa

Tracking Vehicles on Access Kenya Cameras

Description of a python API I built to track vehicular movement on Access Kenya cameras

Brian Suda

Data Vizualization by Brian Suda

A round up and links from the presentation Brian Suda gave about data vizualizations